Healthy Habits offers corporate wellness solutions to companies of all sizes across South Africa. We have a team of consulting Dieticians, Nursing Sisters and Fitness Trainers ready to meet your company’s health and wellness needs. We can work with your Human Resource department to tailor make a solution that works for you. Below are some of the services we offer:

Wellness workshops

Empower employees with the knowledge and tools to better manage their health and wellbeing. We run a variety of wellness workshops including healthy eating, stress management and the importance of exercise.

One on One consultations

Our Dieticians are happy to consult to individuals who need one on one nutritional support and advice. Consultations can be done either at your offices or at our rooms in Claremont

Weight loss competitions

We run 3 month weight loss competitions which include an initial consultation and meal plan from the Dietician, as well as monthly weigh in’s and regular support and advice.

Exercise Classes

Our Fitness Trainers are available for a variety of exercise classes

Cooking demos

Cooking demos can be incorporated into a workshop or wellness day. Our Dietician’s offer quick, easy and healthy recipe ideas and hand-outs, as well as tasters!

Health Checks

Health checks can be performed as a once off or on an annual basis. Our Nurses will check the employee’s cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure and weight/height measurements. Our Dietician’s and/or Fitness Trainers will be on site to explain the results and to offer guidelines for improvement. A great tool to monitor and improve employee health awareness

Research shows that by investing in the physical and mental health of employees, you create a happier, healthier work environment and can improve productivity, health and morale of staff. It also assists in the early detection of diseases of lifestyle, can reduce absenteeism and help with stress management. Some of the Companies that we have worked with in the past include Pyrotec, IDM, Path2Wellness and Rejuve. Call or email us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.