The Initial Consultation is 1 hour long and includes the following:

  • Medical History
  • Family history of disease (genetic history)
  • Detailed diet history, food allergies, likes and dislikes, food preferences and normal eating habits
  • Weight, height, body mass index and necessary measurements
  • Vitamin and Mineral supplementation review
  • Blood tests are only done as and when required and are not a routine part of the consultation

Together you and the Dietician will set health and weight goals going forward.

After the initial consultation, the Dietician will analyse the information and prepare for the first follow up. For the first follow up, the Dietician will prepare an individualized meal plan and a one week sample menu with meal and recipe idea’s. The meal plan and sample menu will be discussed in detail to ensure that it is understood and easy to follow. The first follow up also includes nutritional education, to ensure that you have sound understanding of how foods are classified, the metabolic function of foods and the impact that food choices can have on appetite and weight control. Information relating to disease conditions is also discussed.This consultation usually lasts an hour.

Frequency of subsequent follow up’s differ from client to client depending on your needs. This will be discussed in your first follow up.

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