Michelle Wakelin

Michelle completed her dietetics honours qualification at the University of Stellenbosch and graduated cum laude. She completed her community service year at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, and she was asked to stay on thereafter as a locum dietitian. She gained invaluable experience and fortified her love and passion for working with children as well as their parents.

Michelle gained further experience at a health and wellness company for 2 years where she worked closely with other professionals such as life coaches, fitness coaches and corporates. Not only was she exposed to clients in a variety of life stages, but also to the corporate world, marketing, web design and content and product development. She co-authored a healthy living manual called “Firepower” and continues to use and share the impactful methodologies and ideas with her clients today.

Michelle enjoys creating relationships with her clients where trust and a shared understanding form the basis. Using evidence based information as well as a very personalised and individualist approach each client has a unique experience. Their needs are met to overcome symptoms and / or illness and reach their nutrition goals! Michelle wishes to be the catalyst or facilitator for working towards your nutrition goals and seeing results; ultimately creating your own, long lasting healthy habits.