• “I’ve slowly picked up weight over 5 years and without realising, I put on so much weight I just could not loose it any longer on my own. I went to regular exercise classes , I tried following correct eating plans but nothing helped. Then my husband proposed to me and I realised I was going to look like a cupcake with extra frosting on in any white dress. Motivation enough… I searched on the internet and found Toni’s details. She was amazing! She helped me to put food back into perspective. It wasn’t what I ate but rather when and in what combinations. There were a few things I over did and were bad for me. I started in November with my new plan assisted by Toni with monthly follow ups and I just got married and looked fantastic! It is not a fast process but a realistic plan which pays off.I am very glad I made the move and that she was there to help me.”

    Wedding Weight Loss
  • “I have been seeing Toni for one and a half years in my struggle to lose weight. I am an emotional eater due to a hefty dose of stress in my life, which makes it hard for me to lose the weight I so badly need to lose. Toni is non-judgemental and patient at all times. She never makes me feel bad or guilty about my lack of progress, but rather encourages and offers support one appointment after another. This kind and understanding approach ensures that I never give up or lose hope!”

    Emotional Eater